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Mobile Personaltrainer

Fit for the future

So that the training does not come too short, there are of course also many training exercises in the app. Dominik shows the correct execution of the individual exercises in short videos. Here, too, the categorization is used for clarity - in this case according to muscle groups.

Event App

Clear thing

They have decided that it makes the most sense to split their app into four #tabs. Here you can see the tab Program and its content. In order to display the upcoming events in an optimal way, the #Feed feature was used. With the help of this feature, course participants can see all program points at a glance.

E-Learning Platform

The perfect medium

In the "For Me" #Tab, apprentices are educated about the different topics of the modules in TikTok style with many informative short videos. For an interactive experience of the app, the videos are not only used for teaching, but are also used for quizzes.

Content App

Something to discover

To make the visit to Bregenz as nice and easy as possible for both locals and all tourists, the #App gives a great overview of everything worth seeing and where you can recharge your batteries with good food. Additionally, it also provides a platform for all businesses in Bregenz to show themselves to potential new customers.

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