Mobile Personaltrainer

DA Personaltraining

Building a personal brand and community! A sleek, user-friendly platform where clients can easily access Dominik's content – building his own community with his own app! This app does not only empower clients in their fitness journey but also streamlines the trainer's workflow, making health and wellness more accessible and engaging for everyone involved.


Hey kula, build me an app that is a one-stop shop for my customers. I want to share exercises, nutrition & motivational tips. My contact details and the ability to book appointments should also be included.

10:20 pm


Of course! Say no more. 😎

10:22 pm

The easy way in

Dominik greets his customers in the personal trainer app's #Onboarding section, providing them with an initial overview of the app's benefits.

Fit for the future

The app is packed with a variety of training exercises. Dominik demonstrates the proper techniques for each exercise through concise videos. For better organization, exercises are categorized by muscle groups. Additionally, uploading pictures and/or videos is a breeze from your mobile phone!

Clever calories

Certainly, effective personal training encompasses the ideal diet! To ensure this is an enjoyable experience rather than a duty, Dominik has crafted a range of tasty recipes. These are neatly organized into various categories, allowing his customers to discover an array of straightforward and delicious recipes within their chosen category.

Motivation - month by month

Dominik utilizes the #Feed Posts feature in his personal training app to keep his clients informed and motivated. His creativity knows almost no bounds, and this #Feature offers numerous possibilities for use.

Get active

In the "More" tab, Dominik's customers have a selection of various features. Notably, they can book training sessions using the "Form" feature. This allows clients to make reservations independently of time and location, while Dominik receives all inquiries directly in his email folder. Additionally, integrating a timeslot booking service is always an option.

The Team grows

Besides the booking feature, Dominik can synchronize his contact data using the #Contact Lists feature, which also enables the mapping of additional team members or partners when needed. Moreover, the #Link #Feature permits the integration of his website directly within the app.

More Customers