Onboarding & Learning Platform

TGW Lehrlinge

What better tool could be there to onboard, integrate and educate a large number of apprentices in a company than an app!? In a mobile first world, especially for young professionals, an own app does not only show appreciation, it also encourages interaction! The perfect addition to classic HR onboarding tools!


Hey kula, build me an onboarding & learning app for new employees. I want to build an community, engage with them and provide important information for the first weeks in the company.

10:20 pm


Of course! Say no more. 😎

10:22 pm

The perfect addition to classic HR tools

The TGW #App also uses the #More #Tab for different #features. Besides the classic imprint, there is also a link to their internal forum - which can also be used via the #App. All at one place, in your app!

Encourage exchange

With the Feedback #Form, apprentices can give their experiences and opinions on all areas in an uncomplicated and direct way. Through this exchange, the platform can then also be further developed and improved in a targeted manner.

The easy way

In the "For Me" #Tab, apprentices are educated about the different topics of the modules in TikTok style with many informative short videos. For an interactive experience of the app, the videos are not only used for teaching, but are also used for quizzes.

Get to know

Users of the TGW app are first welcomed in the #Onboarding and can also get the first impression here of what they can look forward to in the app.

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