About kula

kula started with our founders Jules & Phil building an app for their school. We thought, why not let everyone build one?

The team behind kula

Feel free to connect & write us anytime!

Julian Netzer

Founder & CEO

Jules is a master of UI/UX and eats pizza without cheese (weird, yeah we know)

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Philip Niedertscheider

Founder & CTO

Phil is one of Austrias best Swift developers and a great cook (most of the time).

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Damian Jäger

Head of Android

Damian is the virtuoso of all keyboards, no matter if they produce code or notes.

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Florian Hochreiter

Head of Open Source

Flo is the all-around hilarious and lovable guy who can do it all.

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Moritz Unterberger

Head of Finances

Moritz may be a finance guy, but no robot - he brings humanity and humor into accounting.

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Simon Wendelin

Investor & Advisor

A strong believer and great supporter of our vision.



Future Investor

Why not invest in a passionate team with a clear vision for the future?


Our Principles

Everything we do is based on four major guiding principles.

User Experience

Every decision we take is only taken if it's improving the User Experience of our customers.


We encurage to give each other feedback, talk things through and are happy to aknowledge that sometimes we're wrong.


One thing at a time.
Get things done fast.


Celebrating the creativity and culture that thrives on uniqueness and differences.

Our Mission

We want to enable Small Businesses to build their very own Mobile App

so they can jump into the Mobile App Space, provide value to their most Loyal Customers & compete with Big Tech Companies.

... to democratize Mobile App Development for those that couldn't build Apps before

No-Code wants to change how Mobile Apps are made. - We want to change who is making them.

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