Mobile Personaltrainer

The Team grows

In addition to the booking function, Dominik can map his contact data with the #Contact Lists feature - this function also makes it possible to map additional team members or partners if necessary. Furthermore, the #Link #Feature allows him to display his website within the app.

Get active

In the #More #Tab Dominik's customers can choose from various #Features. Among other things, there is the possibility to book trainings with the #Form #Feature. The clients are thus independent of time and place in their bookings and Dominik receives all requests collected in his email folder.

Motivation - month by month

Dominik also uses the #Feed Posts feature in his personal trainer app to keep his customers up to date and to motivate them. There are almost no limits to his creativity and this #Feature can be used in many different ways.

Fit for the future

So that the training does not come too short, there are of course also many training exercises in the app. Dominik shows the correct execution of the individual exercises in short videos. Here, too, the categorization is used for clarity - in this case according to muscle groups.

Clever calories

Of course, a good personal training also includes the perfect diet! So that this is not a struggle but pleasure, Dominik has created delicious recipes. These are clearly divided into different categories. In the selected category, his customers will then find a variety of simple and tasty recipes.

The easy way in

Dominik also welcomes his customers in his personal trainer app in the #Onboarding and already gives them a first insight into the added value his app will bring them.

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