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Ask what's on your mind

In the fourth and last #tab, in addition to the legally required imprint, many other useful #features are also created. Among other things, course participants can directly access the zoom calls or retrieve the most frequently asked questions and take a closer look at the Entrepreneurship Avenue team.

Reliable Partners

In addition, they decided to show the participating sponsors in a third #Tab. For this purpose, they divided sponsors into two categories and gave each of them their own overview.

Previously on EA

For the second #Tab, a listing of information of various kinds was selected. Here, participants can not only examine the summary of last year's event series in a video, but also individually view the respective sessions from last year in detail.

Everything that's going on

In this case, the individual program points were filled with informative PDF's about the key points and contents of the respective events. In principle, interactive videos or other file formats can also be mapped here.

Clear thing

They have decided that it makes the most sense to split their app into four #tabs. Here you can see the tab Program and its content. In order to display the upcoming events in an optimal way, the #Feed feature was used. With the help of this feature, course participants can see all program points at a glance.

Bring everyone up to speed

Our client Entrepreneurship Avenue welcomes its users with our #Features #Onboarding and informs them about all important changes at the same time. This way, participants can directly see what to expect both at the events and within the EA app when they open their app for the first time.

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