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Get involved

In order to ensure the continuous expansion and growth of the platform, the #App still offers the possibility to apply for new memberships via the #Form #Feature. These contact forms can be freely designed and thus used for any purpose.

All you need to know

The individual #posts can have #title image, #title and #subtitle and thus already provide an insight in advance. The content of the selected #post allows a detailed overview of all information about the presented company. Through this, for example, any changes to the opening hours can be shared with the users.

The right information in the right place

Thanks to the #featurelists function, both main categories and subcategories with their respective #feed and #posts can be clearly displayed in the #App. It is possible to divide each main category into several subcategories and thus make it easier for the user to search for his desired result.

Something to discover

To make the visit to Bregenz as nice and easy as possible for both locals and all tourists, the #App gives a great overview of everything worth seeing and where you can recharge your batteries with good food. Additionally, it also provides a platform for all businesses in Bregenz to show themselves to potential new customers.

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